"I thought it must have been fate, but now, I can’t see anything… I can’t see a shooting star anymore”

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Track Title: shingeki no kyojin

Artist: opening - orchestra


Opening of the year

The Four Horsemen


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Zack's Last Stand


Goddess Ji Hyo! So beautiful

Running Man Ep.149

Persona 3: The Movie


"You know, you have to tell me that you need me. I won't know unless you do. I can't do anything unless I know you need me. I think you know that I won't be your manservant. But this goddess is too heavy a burden. You can't bear it alone. I'll help you so you don't become the goddess and destroy the humanity. So tell me that you need me." 
- Sagara Miyuki, Red Data Girl ep 12"


Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy Versus XIII XV


The King has returned.


The King has returned.